Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bruter 1.1 beta2 is out

Same as title, it is out. The new things (since 1.1 beta1) are

- SSH use less secure algorithm for key exchange (little faster)
- Able to use big wordlist file but still <2GB
- Save/Resume testing in "Save/Load config" (I'm lazy to add a new menu)
- Option to iterate passwords for each username (Password First)

I planned to add a new protocol on this version. But I change my mind because I'm lazy :S.

Have fun :)

Note on 23 Nov 2010:
Sorry for my mistake. I created the wrong directory name and zip filename "Bruter_1.2_beta2" (version 1.2 O_o). The actual name must be "Bruter_1.1_beta2". Fixed it.

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